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Soroptimist International of Phoenix History




Soroptimist International of Phoenix


Local History


Soroptimist International of Phoenix  was chartered in 1936. Our Club, along with other  Soroptimist Clubs in  the Valley, founded Girls  Ranch and Tumbleweed.  Soroptimist International of Phoenix (SIP) supports a wide variety of charities  helping women and children such as Unlimited Potential and Homeward Bound.


In addition to hands on community service through local projects, each year SIP awards more than cash award to women to further their educational goals.


SIP membership provides an enriching environment for women to develop friendships and to support each other while  experiencing the satisfaction  of their collective efforts to  improve communities.

The essence of being a Soroptimist can be found in their pledge that outlines the ideals of the organization:


The Sincerity of Friendship
The Joy of Achievement
The Dignity of Service
The Integrity of Profession
The Love of Country





The heart of the Soroptimist mission is  "improving the lives of women and girls".    Soroptimists work in the program areas of  Economic and Social Development,  Health, Education, Environment, Human  Rights/Status of Women and International Goodwill and Understanding.  Soroptimist International of Phoenix focuses its efforts on projects to assist women and  children.



Becoming a Member


Membership in a Soroptimist club is by invitation.  Each member is "classified" according to the principal activity of the  company, institution, or firm for which  she or he works or spends occupational time. If you are interested in becoming a Soroptimist, Contact Us.



Soroptimist International


Soroptimist International of Phoenix, Inc., is part of a worldwide organization with a membership of  over  85,000  business, professional,  and executive women in 120 countries committed to community service and  international goodwill and understanding.  Soroptimist  International was formed in 1921 in  Oakland,  California.   Today Soroptimists work internationally on issues such as AIDs research,  land mine eradication, and ending commercial sex trade.  For more information go to :






1936-1937 Dr. Josie Trinkle 1964-1965 Erma Blume 1993-1994 Kathie Lee
1937-1938 Esta Imler 1965-1966 Edith Faville 1994-1995 Kris Murray
1938-1939 Helen Porterfield 1966-1967 Lorna Lockwood 1995-1996 Eliane Quinn
1939-1940 Florence Bate 1967-1968 Ann Colby 1996-1997 Vicki Pina
1940-1941 Ruth Sprowls 1968-1969 Ruth Faulkner 1997-1998 Joy Mee
1941-1942 Mary Strathey Gillen 1969-1970 Alice Kelley 1998-1999 Kathy Moore
1942-1943 Gertrude Aunger 1970-1971 Faye Mitchell 1999-2000 Terry Parker
Jan-Jun 1943 Nina Keen 1971-1972 Shirley Agnos 2000-2001 Terry Parker
Jul-Jun 1944 Nina Keen 1972-1973 Dolly Wakeham 2001-2002 Judy Mattingly
1944-1945 Ruth Sprowls 1973-1974 Gay Brayer 2002-2003 Tara Jackson
1945-1946 Jeanette Hammels 1974-1975 Lynn Wurth 2003-2004 Mary Grier
1946-1947 Jewel Jordan 1975-1976 Martha Akers 2004-2005 Margie Burke
1947-1948 Emma Howey 1976-1977 Jeannine Chilleen 2005-2006 Lori Reed
1948-1949 Rose MacLaren 1977-1978 Emogene Brayer 2006-2007 Sarah Curley
1949-1950 Frances Aunger 1978-1979 Moya Easterling 2007-2008 Gia Venturi
1950-1951 Jeanette Menden 1979-1980 Barbara Rottas 2008-2009 Patty Thompson
1951-1952 Yvonne Melugin 1980-1981 Jean Patten 2009-2010 Patty Thompson
1952-1953 Dorothy McLaughlin 1981-1982 Cordelia Spicer 2010-2011 Vi Brown
1953-1954 Adelma Duckworth 1982-1983 Linda Upton 2011-2012 Laura Perez-Rogers
1954-1955 Gertrude Larson 1983-1984 Rose Newsome 2012-2013 Karen Saelens
1955-1956 Helen Embry 1984-1985 Suzanne Nystrom 2013-2014 Shelly Cutts
1956-1957 Phyllis Ede 1985-1986 Becky Hickman 2014-2015 Sally Taylor
1957-1958 Vera Beaton 1986-1987 Ellen Russell 2015-2016 Paula Adkins
1958-1959 Alfarata Hansel 1987-1988 Randy Baca 2016-2017 Leigh Wales
1959-1960 Eleanor Blanpied 1988-1989 Diane Hienton 2017-2018 Frankie James
1960-1961 Florence Zimmer 1989-1990 Myrna Parker 2018-2019 Darlene Miller
1961-1962 Emma Chickadonz 1990-1991 Susan Bolton 2019-2020 Darlene Miller/Frankie James
1962-1963 Nadine Benton 1991-1992 Sue Ayars
1963-1964 Ann Langdon 1992-1993 Loraine Arkfeld

Soroptimist is an international volunteer organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls.
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